55 Money Date Talks to Have With Your Partner (to rapidly grow your money).

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and want to start budgeting and saving? Use this workbook as a guide to getting your partner excited for your next Money Date.

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    Tommy Martin

    Financial Advisor

    Who am I?

    Like most couples, my wife and I used the, “You do it or I’ll do it, but let’s never talk about it” approach.

    One of us would run with the torch, paying the bills and balancing the checkbook —just like we learned from our parents.

    It didn’t take that long for us to learn that managing our money this way wasn’t working out. One of us would be stressed, overwhelmed, and either crying or in shame for screwing up.

    It was time for a change.

    What will you learn?

    You will learn how my wife and I have been scheduling Money Dates for the past 10 years.

    55 Money Talks to have on your Money Dates.

    Bill Payment Tracker worksheet

    Income Tracker worksheet

    Expense Tracker worksheet

    Travel Planner (cause traveling is important)

    Month At A Glance worksheet

    To Do List

    Powerful Quotes